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Math symbols Latex \varrho \epsilon

posted Sep 20, 2015, 4:15 AM by Javad Taghia

Some fonts change not only the text font, but also the math font. This is the case with mathptmx. It is possible to grab a single symbol from another font though:

enter image description here



\DeclareSymbolFont{newfont}{OML}{cmm}{m}{it}% Computer Modern math font
\DeclareMathSymbol{\Epsilon}{3}{newfont}{15}% Symbol 15
\DeclareMathSymbol{\Varrho}{3}{newfont}{37}% Symbol 37


  $\Epsilon$ & epsilon \\
  $\varepsilon$ & varepsilon \\
  $\rho$ & rho \\
  $\Varrho$ & varrho


If you want to find out where symbols reside within the font, see How do I know what symbols/characters are available in a font package?.